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Theme: MARCH-ing into Spring Science!

Social Studies • Grades 1 - 6

Climate Justice and Action Through Art

Learners are provided an opportunity to create art, think critically about elements of art, and connect art to a local and global context. The activities can be done in multiple sessions, but need to be done together.

Social Studies • Grades 1 - 6

Giving Thanks and Gratitude

Learners will explore what giving thanks and showing gratitude means to them, and what it can mean for others.

Social Studies • Grades 1 - 6

Let's Explore the Past

Learners get to explore local Indigenous history and are also given opportunities to inquire about and learn their own family histories.

History • Grades 7 - 8

The Impacts of Climate Change on Maple Trees

Learners investigate the functions of the many structures present within a maple tree, as well as the relationship between sweet water harvesting and climate conditions, using scatter plots.

Science • Grades 3 - 12

Home Energy Audit

Learners carry out a home energy inspection to find out opportunities of energy savings in their homes and develop a plan to take action to save energy in their homes and report the result.

Building Parallel and Series Circuits

This is a hands-on activity designed to reinforce the notion of parallel and series circuits. Learners will find the idea of series and parallel circuits much easier to understand if they can manipulate real materials and can be rewarded by building successful circuits.

Building a Simple Ammeter

In this activity, learners will build their own simple ammeter using a compass and a magnet wire. By doing the work themselves, they will be able to observe directly the effect electricity has on magnetic fields and, correspondingly, on the behaviour of magnetic materials such as a compass. This is an important step in understanding how electromagnets work and how they can be used in everyday life.

Burglar Alarm

This activity allows learners to combine the concepts of circuits and switches. Learner groups will make a burglar alarm, test it out, and list ideas for improving their alarm.

Cellular Respiration

Learners are introduced to an excellent overview of cellular respiration. The activity is designed to help them use the concepts presented in the backgrounder in familiar examples in everyday life.

Conductors and Insulators

Learners will distinguish electrical conductor materials that allow electricity to flow through them from insulators materials that do not allow electricity to flow through them.