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Social Studies • Grades 9 - 12

What is a Circular Economy?

Learn about the concept of a circular economy, its inception, application, and future. Reflect on the need for a circular economy, the problem of waste in the world and the flaws of the current linear economic model.

Grades 3 - 12

Monthly Activities

Step into Spring with these fun and seasonal activities! Check out our monthly calendars, spark activities and guided lessons.

Science • Grades 4 - 8

Electric Vehicle

By building their own working model of an electric vehicle, students will learn about the electrification of transportation.

Science • Grades 3 - 5

Energy Storage

Create an energy storage model so students can learn more about how renewable energy is stored and harnessed into electricity.

Climate Change • Grades 7 - 10

Location Matters

Take students through an inquiry process to discover how transportation is a significant factor in helping people in cities decide where they will live.

Grades 3 - 12

The Spiral Inquiry Model

GreenLearning’s Spiral Inquiry gets learners excited about research and investigation.

Science • Grades 3 - 12

Make-Remake Design Activity

Inspire students to reduce waste by applying a remake, reuse and recycle model in creating an entirely new product from recycled materials.

Science • Grade 8

Maple Syrup Inquiry

Explore the effects of climate change on Canada's maple syrup industry in GreenLearning’s climate change inquiry.

Science • Grades 4 - 6

Science Fair

Get engaged in competitive opportunities for recognition such as science fairs and awards at your school and in your community.

Science • Grades 7 - 12

What are Plastics?

Learn about plastics, their history and application in our daily life. Conduct research to understand the life cycle of plastics and share findings with your class.