Environmental Education • 4min read

Try these Environmental Read-Aloud Books for Your Classroom

If you are like many educators, you might find it difficult to fit environmental education into your daily teaching routine. One of the best and easiest ways to teach about climate topics is through environmental read-aloud books that feature a love for nature. This article will answer an important question — what are read-aloud books and why choose ones with an environmental theme for kids?

• 4min read

Green Careers: In Conversation with Guangyu Liu, Chemist at Dow Canada

Canada’s clean prosperity will be impacted by the need for green skills, as various sectors prepare for investments that could help reduce GHG emissions and other environmental challenges. It is important to expose young people to experts in the field to provide mentorship which could help inform and shape their own future green careers.

Environmental Education • 5min read

Canadian Environmental Education Resources and Websites

Being able to access top-tier environmental education platforms is paramount to fostering a greener world. As Canada continues to confront complex climate changes, these environmental education resources and websites along with the organizations that offer them, play a vital role in fostering a shared sense of responsibility amongst younger Canadians.

Energy Education • 7min read

How to Understand Your Electricity Bill and Conserve Energy

Knowing how to read an electricity bill is not only important but it opens the door to understanding how we can help the planet by conserving energy. By reading and interpreting an electricity bill properly, one will be able to adopt behaviour changes to conserve energy, lower one’s carbon footprint, and reduce GHGs, all of which can lead to huge savings.

Energy Education • 6min read

How GreenLearning Is Helping School Boards to Foster Sustainable Schools

Creating sustainable schools can greatly benefit the environment and positively impact students, teachers and the entire community. Many school boards have sustainability or climate action plans and our programs can help schools and school boards strive to achieve these goals. Discover how you can make a difference and take inspiration from school boards that are making an impact.