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Truth and Reconciliation

We are committed to a systemic approach to Indigenous Reconciliation within our organization which will aim for transformational change in our own professional development, staffing, our content and writing of educational materials including engagement with educators. We see the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation as a special time to pause, reflect and further this journey. Explore resources with Indigenous perspectives for your classroom here.

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Science • Grades 3 - 12

Take Action: Home Flood Protector Scavenger Hunt

Tired of playing dress-up with the dog and dancing around the living room? Running out of creative hiding places for hide and seek? You can become the superhero your family needs: The Home Flood Protector! And with the #HomeFloodProtector scavenger hunt, you will get to flex your super powers, and your muscles, while protecting your home from flooding.

Science • Grades 7 - 12

Solar Energy

The word "solar" means from the sun, solar energy is the energy that comes to us from the sun as light energy. The sun's energy is transformed into heat as it strikes the land, sea or any object. The heat produced by the sun drives the world's weather systems. We rely on energy from the sun for our warmth, food, wind and water. We simply could not live on the earth without it!

Science • Grades 3 - 12

Home Energy Audit

Learners carry out a home energy inspection to find out opportunities of energy savings in their homes and develop a plan to take action to save energy in their homes and report the result.

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Green Economy • Grades 3 - 12

Eco 360: Transitioning to a Circular Economy

Explore a circular economy for plastics to address the current crisis of plastic pollution in the environment. By reimagining an economy free of plastic waste, explore innovative solutions for reducing, reusing, and recycling plastic waste.

Climate Change • Grades 3 - 12


Flooding is the most common natural disaster in Canada. Flood:ED helps students understand the impact of flooding and invites them to explore ways they can prepare against flooding at home and school.

Energy Education • Grades 3 - 12


In this fun, engaging science program, students will learn how to build a wind turbine, solar oven, hydroelectric generator or biogas generator.

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Rosalind Poon

Teacher Consultant, Richmond School District, BC

I would highly recommend GreenLearning resources to any school district! They not only support the various curriculum areas (e.g. Language Arts, Social Studies, Science), but also can help districts establish networking groups around sustainability issues.

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