Our Programs

Our programs offer a number of educational resources on each topic. They are carefully designed to meet the needs of a specific grade group and subject areas. Each program has various learning and take action activities to offer a thorough learning experience, while offering opportunities for students to take action in creating real world impact.

Some of our programs also have a challenge component, which requires students to apply their learning towards solving a problem the world is currently facing. Most times, each challenge adopts an interdisciplinary approach to finding solutions and it allows educators to enhance and enrich the student's learning experience.

Green Economy • Grades 9 - 12

Eco 360: Transitioning to a Circular Economy - New!

Explore a circular economy for plastics to address the current crisis of plastic pollution in the environment. By reimagining an economy free of plastic waste, explore innovative solutions for reducing, reusing, and recycling plastic waste.

Energy Education • Grades 3 - 12

Energy Revealed

Energy Revealed is grounded in research, backed by science, and is data driven. By making energy visible, it will turn youth into expert energy managers.

Climate Change • Grades 9 - 12

Decoding Carbon: A Climate Policy Quest

Decoding Carbon explores how policy is used to build a low carbon future. Developed with financial support from Environment and Climate Change Canada, this program empowers youth to become informed and active citizens for tackling climate change.

Science • Grades 3 - 12


In this fun, engaging science program, students will learn how to build a wind turbine, solar oven, hydroelectric generator or biogas generator.

Climate Change • Grades 3 - 12


Flooding is the most common natural disaster in Canada. Flood:Ed helps students understand the impact of flooding and invites them to explore ways they can prepare against flooding at home and school.

Climate Change • Grade 7

Real World Ecosystems

Students learn about ecosystems, cycles of matter, and how to make changes to our ecological footprint.

Science • Grades 5 - 8

Real World Energy

Exploring renewable and non-renewable energy sources.

Indigenous Studies • Grades 7 - 12

Oil Sands Education Dialogue

Exploring the controversial and complex oil sands program from a variety of perspectives.

Science • Grades 9 - 12

Electricity All Around Us

A fun, interactive introduction to energy use and conservation.

Climate Change • Grades 9 - 12

Climate Change Where I Live

Students investigate how to deal with climate change in their own community.

Climate Change • Grades 3 - 12

Come Alive

Get your hands into soil, clay and a range of learning activities to make the vital topic of water and climate change come alive in your classroom.

Climate Change • Grades 6 - 12

Make A Splash!

Use the Inquiry Method to explore how climate change is affecting freshwater recreation in your life - and what you can do about it.

Grades 4 - 7


A fun, kid-friendly introduction to energy conservation and carbon calculators.

Climate Change • Grades 4 - 12

Cool 2.0

An online hub for exploring climate change and sustainability.

Climate Change • Grades 6 - 12


Kids create an info-packed eCard about an environmental issue and email it to leaders.

Social Studies • Grades 3 - 8

Sila and The Land - New!

Learners explore various lessons about the importance of land and our responsibility in protecting it through Indigenous teachings. Sila and the Land brings the perspectives of Indigenous youth on climate change to learners across Canada by exploring how Indigenous Peoples connect to their land and the significant and unique challenges their communities face due to impacts of climate change.