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Theme: Inspiring Learners

Science • Grades 8 - 12

Take Action: Build a Rain Garden

Learners will learn about rain gardens and their benefit in managing rainwater runoff. Learners will get their hands dirty by building a rain garden on their school ground or at their home with the supervision of adults. This activity will guide you through all the key steps to consider in order to build a rain garden and maintaining it after.

Science • Grades 8 - 12

Take Action: Flood Protect Your Home

Learners will complete a guided home inspection to ensure their homes are protected from flooding. Learners will develop literacy around different types of flooding, and best practices to protect homes from rainfall and sewer backup flooding.

Science • Grades 3 - 12

Take Action: Home Flood Protector Scavenger Hunt

Tired of playing dress-up with the dog and dancing around the living room? Running out of creative hiding places for hide and seek? You can become the superhero your family needs: The Home Flood Protector! And with the #HomeFloodProtector scavenger hunt, you will get to flex your super powers, and your muscles, while protecting your home from flooding.

Science • Grades 8 - 12

Take Action: Install Rain Barrels

Learners will learn how to install rain barrels around their school or house. Learners will learn how rain barrels act as a means of diverting rain water that may lead into possible flooding

Science • Grades 5 - 12

Take Action: Plant a Tree

Learn about importance of planting trees to combat flooding. This activity provides a detailed guide on how to plant trees on school grounds or at home/community gardens. Learners will learn about the importance of protecting existing trees and promote their function to their peers and guardians. Learners will identify areas in their school grounds where they can plant new trees to pump water, reduce flooding and runoff.

Science • Grades 4 - 6

Take a Look

Learners will investigate both the energy metering hardware and software to get a full understanding of how the technology works and what it does.

Science • Grades 4 - 7

Taking the Lead

Learners are empowered to serve as Presidents of their own Board of Directors. Their task is to identify and communicate energy conservation strategies in a presentation that is targeted to a specific audience: the members of their Board — which is to say, their guardians or household members. This lesson works well as a culminating activity after other activities because it gives learners an opportunity to demonstrate and apply their knowledge about energy and the environment.

Science • Grades 7 - 12

Total Energy vs Total Cost

Learners will calculate how much energy an identified object expends.

Social Studies • Grades 5 - 12

Understand Flooding

Learners will understand the different types of flooding and their causes. Learners will learn about the consequences of flooding and the types of flooding in their area.

Science • Grades 7 - 12

Understanding Energy Efficiency in Your School

Learners will research a chosen topic to understand the impact of their school's energy use.