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Our impact focuses on three key areas

Inspire Educators

We have designed our materials to meet a broad range of curriculum expectations using an inquiry driven approach and an emphasis on leveraging technologies to meet learning outcomes.

Engage Youth

Our model focuses on building global competencies that are essential for youth to successfully navigate the evolving demands of life, work and learning in a world that is shrinking as the need for local actions grows.

Create Change

Students identify and research issues that matter to them, and then create solutions. By building connections with experts and the community, they put their solutions into practice, and measure their resulting impact.

How do we achieve our goals?

GreenLearning’s goal is to engage students in exciting educational experiences that also allow them to have a meaningful impact in their communities and the world.

We strive to demonstrate our collective impact by showcasing the stories of our students and the educators who support them. We emphasize the importance of data collection for creating baseline knowledge to determine solutions and measure change, and we aim to track and share this data.

As an organization, GreenLearning aspires to provide complete transparency and accountability in our organization’s work by capturing and communicating the stories and data we collect, while sharing our organization’s social return on investment.

View student actions, projects and the impact!

Our programs include opportunties for educators and students to take climate action in their school community through a hands-on challenge. Every year, schools submit their eco-action projects for a chance to win a prize. Through our eCards tool, we empower youth to act for the climate by creating informed messages to send to decision-makers. Explore their cumulative impact, actions and learning.


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Here's what educators are saying about their experience with us

Rosalind Poon

Rosalind Poon

Teacher Consultant, Richmond School District, BC

I would highly recommend GreenLearning resources to any school district! They not only support the various curriculum areas (e.g. Language Arts, Social Studies, Science), but also can help districts establish networking groups around sustainability issues.

Annual report

GreenLearning's team is always working hard to create results so that you can view the impact. Download our annual report, which provides an overview of the organization’s latest programs and initiatives, corporate information and financial statements for the fiscal year.

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