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Theme: Support The Environment!

Science • Grades 7 - 12

Energy Audit

Learners will investigate how much energy it takes to keep their daily technology working.

Science • Grades 4 - 7

Energy Efficient Lighting

In groups, learners investigate the cost of energy to light a classroom or a room in a house. Using the Energy Calculator on the Energy Revealed website and a series of worksheets, learners calculate the dollars as well as the number of kilograms of greenhouse gases that it takes to light a room. They consider how they could adopt energy-saving strategies, then track that activity for one week and calculate the savings in greenhouse gases.

Science • Grades 4 - 6

Energy Hogs

Learners will investigate which electrical devices are using the most energy (being an energy hog).

Science • Grades 4 - 7

Exploring Our Energy Ethics

Through an interactive group activity, learners take a position on a number of environmental issues based on their own personal ethics. They consider the different opinions of their classmates and weigh the importance of factual evidence. As learners hear other perspectives and learn new information, they discover that their own views and values may change.

Science • Grades 4 - 12

Extra Energy Investigation

Learners will investigate the energy usage of an identified device in the school they don't normally think about.

Science • Grades 4 - 12

Find the Phantom Load

Educators will guide learners to understand what a phantom load is and which device has the largest phantom load.

Science • Grades 5 - 12

Flood Resilience Plan For Your School

Learners will explore different methods of making their school resilient to flooding.

Science • Grades 5 - 12

Flood Risk Management Awareness

Learners will learn about the importance of creating awareness around the risks of flooding and how to best prepare for them.

Science •

Flooding Mapping Tour

Learners will take a walking tour, using a Checklist and Study Area Map to identify, count and take pictures of the human-made and natural things in the Flooding infrastructure. Learners will understand first hand what constitutes Flooding infrastructure in our locality.

Science • Grades 5 - 12

Flooding and Climate Change

Learners will learn about how climate change has increased the frequency of floods and its impacts.