Environmental Education • 10min read

25 Environmental Books by Black Authors You Need On Your Reading List

It’s been well-documented that Black authors are underrepresented and discriminated against in the publishing and environmental fields. Though GreenLearning doesn’t publish in the traditional sense of book publishing, we do provide free educational programming, challenges and resources. This year, we’ve put together a list of books that touch on the environment and are written by Black authors.

Green Living • 3min read

5 Ways to Make an Attainable Classroom Eco-Resolution

There’s no shortage of work to be done to make schools and classes more eco-friendly! But with so many possibilities, setting an eco-resolution for your classroom can be daunting. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of tips to make your goal-setting easy, realistic and achievable.

Climate Change • 4min read

Getting Ready for COP27 in the Classroom

COP summits require Parties to submit their updated plans to meet the Paris Agreement, and provide an opportunity for ongoing climate negotiations to be completed. COP27 is a fantastic time to bring climate education into your classroom. It’s a great opportunity to talk about everything from science to social studies in the context of climate change.