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Social Studies • Grades 10 - 12

How is Climate Change Shaping this World?

Students will explore and understand the effects of the climate change crisis. Starting from a global overview, to national and then to a local perspective, students will notice the change in scope and approach towards tackling the climate crisis.

Social Studies • Grades 10 - 12

Market Failures: What Role Can Policy Play in Building a Low Carbon Future?

Students will understand what is climate policy. Students will understand how policy can regulate negative externalities in a market. Students will learn about Canadian climate policies and laws.

Social Studies • Grades 10 - 12

The Negative Externalities Game: Collective Action to Address Climate Change

Students will understand the concept of negative externalities and climate change as a negative externality. Students will explore the need for government intervention and collective action to address a climate change.

Environmental Science • Grades 10 - 12

What Makes a Good Climate Change Policy?

Students will understand the difference between policy, legislation, and regulations. Students will learn that policy often needs to meet many expectations, and balance competing interests.

Social Studies • Grades 10 - 12

What Role Can Canada Play in Global Climate Action?

Students will explore Canada’s efforts to address climate change and about Canada’s climate agreements.