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Environmental Science • Grades 10 - 12

What Makes a Good Climate Change Policy?

Students will understand the difference between policy, legislation, and regulations. Students will learn that policy often needs to meet many expectations, and balance competing interests. Students will be able to think critically about climate policy solutions offered by governments and stakeholders.

Social Studies • Grades 10 - 12

What Role Can Canada Play in Global Climate Action?

Students will explore Canada’s efforts to address climate change and about Canada’s climate agreements.

Green Economy • Grades 7 - 12

Lending a Hand

In this activity, learners will learn the ins and outs of micro-lending, a form of micro-finance and one of the most effective and sustainable ways to lend money. Learners will also have the opportunity to join the Lending a Hand Challenge to make a difference to a small business person somewhere around the world. Within this activity, learners will be given the opportunity to participate in critical thinking, interactive and collaborative activity that will allow them the opportunity to become financially literate.

Climate Change • Grades 7 - 10

Climate Action 150

Climate Action 150 is designed to create best practices for educators to teach youth about climate change, and to engage youth in research-based and solutions-oriented action that they can share with others to inspire further change.

Science • Grades 7 - 11

Build a Biogas Generator

Learners will build a model of a simple biogas generator. Learners will also test their biogas system design and answer questions about renewable energy.

Science • Grades 5 - 12

Build a Flywheel Model

Learners will heighten their understanding of what a flywheel is by designing and building a flywheel model.

Science • Grades 9 - 12

Build a Hydroelectric Generator

Learners will build a model of a simple micro-hydro system, evaluate their design and answer questions about clean energy.

Science • Grades 5 - 12

Build a Penny Battery

Learners will enhance their STEM skills by designing and building a penny battery.

Science • Grades 7 - 11

Build a Solar Oven

Learners will work in small groups to build a solar oven and test the efficiency of the oven. Learners will also identify aspects of the solar oven construction, record steps of the construction and identify building plan modifications.

Science • Grades 6 - 12

Build a Wind Turbine

In this construction activity, learners will build a working wind turbine model and then compare the amount of electricity produced by high and low wind speeds. Learners will also evaluate their wind turbine design and answer questions about wind energy.