Challenge Winners Announcement: 2023-24 School Year!

Green Learning Challenges 2024

GreenLearning has always believed environmental learning and positive action go together, and that youth have the ability to effect lasting change in their communities. So, as part of this year’s annual challenges, schools across Canada participated in learning, developing and implementing their solutions for the planet.

These solutions ranged from building renewable energy models for highlighting innovation in clean tech, to circular economy projects with detailed plans for combating plastic waste in our environment, to community-based flood mitigation and adaptation strategies that make school grounds more flood resilient and climate ready.

With guidance from educators, students took the lead on several projects in their schools. They did so with a keen sense of mission and a vision towards a more environmentally just and sustainable society. We are very proud of everything they have accomplished and we want to showcase their efforts to inspire and motivate others.

As a member of the GreenLearning community, you too have been instrumental in the work that we do and we hope you will check out the student projects to see the impact of students who have applied their learning. Below is a list of all challenge winners for the 2023-24 school year.

Eco 360 Challenge
Rethink Your Plastic Waste!

In Eco 360, Grades 3-12 learners are challenged to develop an invention that incorporates a circular economic model for eliminating plastic waste from the environment.

  • First Place: Ms. Myers, Grade 3-4

Hunter’s Glen Junior PS, Scarborough, Ontario

Ms. Myers' class came up with numerous solutions to combat plastic waste. They had the opportunity to share ideas through their school newsletter and with other classes.

  • Second Place: Ms. McCallion, Grade 4

St. Thomas More School, Mississauga, Ontario

Miss. McCallion's class invented a nurdle catcher to collect plastic waste from the ocean to create recycled plastic ®LEGO bricks.

  • Third Place: Ms. Keen, Grade 5-6
    Metis Beach School, Metis Sur Mer, QC

Ms. Keen’s class created three inventions to reduce plastic waste. One of them was a sand filter device made from repurposed plastic. The sand would filter and capture plastic waste.

Energy Revealed Challenge
Track Energy Use with a Lights Out Event!

By enrolling in this challenge, learners participate in a school Lights Out event to raise awareness about energy efficiency at their schools.

  • First Place: Ms. Mathur, Grades 3-8
    Somerset Academy, Markham, Ontario

Their STEAM Challenge/ Earth Hour Club hosted an Earth Hour event at their school to help conserve energy.

Flood:ED Challenge
Take Action to Protect Against Extreme Weather!

Engage students in understanding the science behind flooding and create a flood resilience plan to protect their school.

  • First Place: Ms. Montgomery, Grade 5

New Central Public School, Oakville, Ontario

To stop flooding in their school’s kindergarten play area, Ms. Karen’s Grade 5 class (a.ka. Flood Fighters) came up with a plan to redirect water flow. Their plan involved ideas to dig trenches, install better drainage systems and to add more natural infrastructure such as plants.

  • Second Place: Ms. Turbitt, Grade 7 (Eco-Hawks)

Chris Hadfield Public School, Milton, Ontario

To help prevent flooding the Eco-Hawks planted four new trees in their sensory garden. The trees will help to absorb excess water, avoid soil erosion and provide shade.

Re-Energy Challenge
Become a Renewable Energy Engineer!

Turn youth into energy engineers by challenging them to design, build and test a working model of any renewable energy technology!

  • First Place Tie: Ms. Boulton, Grade 12, Science 30 Class

St. Francis Xavier High School, Edmonton, Alberta

Ms. Boulton’s class created 11 models or prototypes of renewable energy technologies, consisting of electric vehicles (EVs), flywheels, hydro-turbines and penny batteries.

  • First Place Tie: Mme Steibelt, Grade 5
    Britannia Public School, Mississauga, Ontario

Mme Steibelt students created 14 models or prototypes of renewable energy technologies. They created EVs, solar ovens, a trash collecting bot, pet food distributor, renewable parachute and a wind turbine.

  • Second Place Tie: Ms Chung, Grade 9

Unionville High School, Markham, Ontario

Ms. Chung’s students created five prototypes of solar panels and wind turbines.

  • Second Place Tie: Mme Steibelt, Grade 4
    Britannia Public School, Mississauga, Ontario

Mme Steibelt students created nine working prototypes. They created EVs, a solar phone charger and a wind turbine.

  • Third Place: Ms. Mathur, Grades 4
    Somerset Academy, Markham, Ontario

Students in Mrs. Mathur’s class created four prototypes. They created a solar oven, solar car, electric vehicles (EVs) and a wind turbine.

Congratulations to all the participants in applying their learning towards solutions for a greener, more sustainable world. GreenLearning’s Challenges may have wrapped up for this year but the impact continues. By showcasing the work of teachers and students, we hope to inspire you to embark on your own climate change transformation.

To know more about the achievements of the students, their schools and what they worked on, please view the submissions showcase!

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