5 Ways GreenLearning’s Environmental Challenges Will Save You Time This School Year

Environmental Challenges Saving Time

“I’m feeling stretched to cover the entire curriculum in a year.”

“I don’t have time for anything ‘extra.”

“I don’t have the capacity to introduce a new program this year.”

“I don’t have time to learn about that environmental topic.”

Does this sound like you? It doesn’t have to be! GreenLearning’s environmental programs and challenges are here to help save you time, cover the curriculum and engage your learners in a new way! These unique, hands-on challenges give learners the opportunities to put their knowledge and critical thinking skills into action for measurable environmental change. Here’s how participating in one of GreenLearning’s environmental challenges will save you time this year.

1. No Lesson Planning Required

GreenLearning Challenges are all designed as culminating activities to our corresponding educational programs. Each program features 8-15 learning activities with topic backgrounders, educator guides, lesson plans and assessment templates. These complete activities are tried and tested by real teachers, which means they’re ready for you to grab and go!

2. Covers Provincial Curriculum

All of GreenLearning’s programs and challenges are directly linked to provincial curriculums across a variety of subjects, including Science, Math, and Social Studies. Our interdisciplinary approach to themes of climate change, energy and green economy means that you satisfy your curriculum while completing our activities and challenges. This is not ‘extra’ work, it’s school work! Check out the ‘Curriculum Connections’ document found on each program’s page and activity.

3. Engages Your Learners

GreenLearning’s programs and challenges are exciting and authentic real-world challenges. They incorporate hands-on activities, digital simulations and explorations into complex environmental issues that your learners care about. No more calling home or chasing your learners for incomplete tasks; they will be engaged and invested in their work, taking ownership over their learning and impact.

4. Built-In Assessment

Assessment can be time consuming and tedious. Don’t spend hours creating tests or marking the same paper 25 times. GreenLearning’s programs and challenges have built in assessment opportunities at every corner. Tips for differentiated learning and options for students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in various ways, means you can use the provided assessment templates to evaluate your students on-the-go. Cut back on traditional testing and enjoy the ease of grading diverse projects your students put maximum effort into creating.

5. Supports the Educator

GreenLearning provides free professional development and online support for educators implementing our programs and challenges in their classroom. Stop spending hours researching topics and vetting programs, we’ve got you covered! Want to learn more about a topic or theme in one of our programs? Head over to our Webinars and Events page for upcoming training sessions and recordings of past sessions. Interested in pre-recorded lessons for synchronous and asynchronous learning? Visit our Youtube page and complete your supply plans with one click!

Don’t take it from us, here’s what Canadian educators are saying about our challenges:

"I appreciate the work that GreenLearning does to allow us to do these projects and take the learning and push it a little bit beyond the walls of our classroom." - Nicole Lorusso, Educator, Duncan, British Columbia

"The Electric Vehicle Challenge has captivated our students. It provided a real world context to the curriculum in many subjects - for example, our grade 9 science electricity curriculum outcomes were nearly all covered through their work on designing and creating our zero emissions renewable energy vehicle." - Robert Tymofichuk, New Myrnam, Alberta.

"Our participation in this challenge deepened students’ knowledge on energy conservation, global warming and climate change. It was very effective in helping them take a personal interest in energy conservation." - Julia Lagman, Mississauga, Ontario.

Watch this Video Testimonial by Raymond Leung:

Interested in learning more about GreenLearning’s challenges? Visit our challenge page for more information and to register or email us at [email protected].

Photo source: Pixabay

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