Webinars and Events

ReMaking with Household Plastics

Apr 4, 2024 1:00 PM EDT

Ocean School and GreenLearning are hosting a highly-interactive plastic upcycling workshop. Participants will explore how they interact with plastics and take part in a collaborative upcycling workshop using plastics and recyclables from their school/home to find creative design-based solutions for keeping plastic out of the environment. For grades 4-8

Learners and educators will leave the session with tools and resources for continuing their plastic reuse and reduce journey, as well as a feeling of connection to the collective actions being taken towards combating the Plastic Problem.

Want to take your upcycling to another level? In anticipation of our first event on April 4th, students and educators alike are invited to bring any recycled plastic materials found around their homes. Then, students will work in groups and as a class to come up with the most creative and inspiring inventions they can think of during the session.

Ask your students to bring materials they may find exciting to upcycle!

Here are some suggested materials you and your students may have lying around the house:

  • Plastic cups and drink containers

  • Plastic cutlery (spoons and forks)

  • Plastic bags

  • Tissue boxes

  • Cardboard boxes and drink holders

  • and more!