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Walking Tours: Where Traditional and Scientific Knowledge Meet

Aug 19, 2021 1:00 PM EDT

Develop a sense of place and a heart connection to water as we explore examples of digital walking tours and learn to create one for ourselves!

Investigating various aspects of water and ecosystem health in their community, a grade 8 class from Winnipeg, Manitoba was captivated by the Indigenous knowledge and storytelling that helped them develop a sense of place and relate to each other. Combining traditional and scientific knowledge, they created a walking tour using Google Maps that honours the past through stories and art and prepares them to restore the land for the future. This workshop will showcase this project, which won GreenLearning’s 2021 Flood:Ed Challenge, and will model how to recreate this learning in your classroom with free, curriculum connected resources, strategies and digital tools.

This workshop is part of Canadian Geographic's Geographic Literacy: The Power of Storytelling Conference.