GreenLearning Monthly Calendars


These activities are designed for learning at home and at school.

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Also, check out our October Spark Activity to challenge your students to explore a solution to a unique problem using an inquiry-based model!

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Register your Class for the Flood:ED Challenge!

Develop a flood plan for your school or community in this GreenLearning challenge! 


National Walk and Bike to School Day!

Reduce your carbon footprint by either walking to school or riding a bicycle with a helmet. Stay active and help the planet. Keep this habit up during the entire month if you can!  Check out some International Walk to School Month activities here!



First Week of International Walk to School Month!

Track how many days of the month you walk, bike, or take public transportation to school!


World Teachers’ Day!

Be sure to thank your teacher today for all the hard work they put in during the school year! Here’s a guide on how you can make your teacher feel special on this day.


Set up an Item Swap at School!

Implement the 3 R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle) by setting up an item swap at school or with friends! Get everyone to bring unwanted books, clothes, or toys and see if someone can find use for your unwanted item or if you can find something you’ll use! Don’t forget to ask your parents' permission before donating anything!


Clean Up Day!

Go around your school yard or community and pick up any trash that you see! Picking up a couple pieces of trash with your friends can make a big difference and help the planet.


Go on a Fall Photo Walk!

Check out the changing leaves this season and work on your photography skills! Take pictures of your favourite trees or leaves that you find, try to identify the type of trees that you see.


Fall Harvest!

What are some of your favourite fall vegetables? Learn about how water influences farmers and the food they grow in GreenLearning’s “Come Alive” activities!



Reduce your Carbon Footprint Week!

Go to to learn about how various actions that you can take to reduce your carbon footprint.


World Migratory Bird Day

Try to spot some migratory birds today in your backyard or community and use the hashtag #BirdsConnectUs on social media to share your appreciation of migratory birds. To learn more about migratory birds check out this website.


Start or Join an Eco-Club!

Have an Eco-Club at your school? Start one! An eco-club is a great way to get you and your friends excited about caring about the environment. Plan fun activities, encourage recycling and composting at your school, or clean up your school yard!  


Sustainable Transportation

Learn more about electric vehicles, how they work, and even build your own! Try it out in GreenLearning’s electric vehicle program!


National Mushroom Day

Did you know? Over 5,000 different kinds of fungi are found in Ontario! Learn more at the Ojibway Nature Centre website.


World Food Day

On this day in 1945, the United Nations established that food is a basic human right. Unfortunately, there are still lots of people in the world who do not have access to enough food. Try starting a food drive at your school or in your community for your local food bank. Also be sure not to waste any food and only take what you need!



Waste Reduction Week in Canada!

Go to and complete the Make & Remake Activity!


Learn How to Compost

This quick and easy guide can help you learn what can be composted and how to build your own backyard compost!


Learn How to Recycle

It’s important to know how to correctly recycle so that items do not end up in the landfill. Every region is different so make sure to do some research on what types of materials your region can recycle and how to sort your recycling properly. Anything that doesn’t get recycled properly often ends up in the landfill so make sure you know the facts!


Go Plastic Free

Are there ways you can reduce single use plastic in your life? Maybe when packing your lunch try using a reusable container instead of a plastic bag? Or when eating out ditch the straw and drink right from the cup. There are a bunch of different ways you can reduce your plastic waste on a daily basis!


Use it All Up!

One super important thing to do in order to reduce your waste is to make sure you’re using all of your products until they’re completely empty. Things like toothpaste tubes, shampoo bottles, and soaps can be cut open when almost empty and you can scrape out the excess so that you’re using everything up and wasting less!


Borrow and Share!

Instead of buying your new or multiple items, why don’t you see if you can borrow something from a friend or a sibling? For example, going to the library to borrow or a book or asking a friend if they have any movies you can borrow. This is a fun and easy way to be a part of the sharing economy and reduce your environmental impact!



Spooky Sustainability Week!

Go to to become a Home Energy Detective and Find the Energy Sucking Monsters in Your Home!


Make Recycled Halloween Crafts

Halloween is almost here so spend some time making some fun Halloween crafts using recycled materials! Check out these fun crafts you can try with your family and friends.


Make a Halloween Costume

Make your own creative and sustainable Halloween costume this year by using clothing items you already have or by buying some used pieces at your local thrift store! This will reduce your waste and keep your Halloween both spooky and sustainable!


Make a Jack-o-Lantern

Carving pumpkins is one of the best parts of Halloween! But make sure you don’t create any waste! When scooping out your pumpkin be sure to keep the seeds and roast them with oil and salt for a tasty snack. Also make sure to compost your pumpkin once Halloween is over so it doesn’t end up in the scary landfill.


Make your own Halloween Treats

Did you know it takes 1000 years for ONE of those plastic candy wrappers to break down? Ditch the single-use plastic and cook up your own treats this Halloween. Check out some recipes here.


Plan a Post-Halloween Clean-Up

After Halloween be sure to do a walk around your neighbourhood and clean up any garbage you may find from Halloween! Look for candy wrappers, missing parts of costumes, or decorations that may have been left on the street!


Have a Spooky and Sustainable Halloween with GreenLearning!