Activity 1
Water Is Life!

Activity 5
What is the Water Cycle?

Activity 2
What Does Agriculture Mean to You?

Activity 6
How Does Extreme Weather Affect Agriculture?

Activity 3
What is Essential for Plant Growth?

Activity 7
How Does Climate Change Affect Water and our Food Supply?

Activity 4
Planting for Your Food

Activity 8
Greenlearning Challenge - Plant for the Planet!

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Module Overview

Water is an essential part of life on earth and it is especially important to farmers. It falls as rain to the earth and flows on the surface as rivers and streams. It also collects in lakes, reservoirs and even underground in aquifers (underground lakes).  Farmers depend on a steady reliable source of water in order to grow the food we all depend on, but climate change has caused both weather and rainfall patterns to change.

Climate change causes extreme weather events, which can impact how much, and where rain falls. In the face of increasing floods and droughts, our farmers face a challenge.  How does the availability of water affect farmers and the crops that they grow?

The seven activities in the Come Alive Module will help you to understand how water influences farmers and the food they grow. It will also help you to understand the ways in which climate change impacts water and farming.

The “Come Alive! Water and Plant Agriculture” module was created by GreenLearning Canada with support from ConocoPhillips Canada.

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