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Have you noticed how much plastic waste is generated in our LIVES every day?

We can do better! With the Make & Remake Activity, you can help make an impact by taking something made out of plastic and instead of discarding it, turn it into something useful!

We have a whole new program on circular economy called Eco 360, visit and sign up today for the Eco 360 Challenge to win a prize!

Download these worksheets to get started:

Make and Remake Activity
What to do with Plastics?
Waste Management Games
Educator Resource

Create an impact today by reusing plastics instead of throwing them away. You can do this by:

1. Reading about the waste problem in the world by downloading the educator resource.

2. Get inspired by what other people are doing with discarded plastics by checking out What to do with Plastics?

3. Challenge your STEAM skills by completing the Make & Remake Activity. Take photos during your design process to show the steps you took to create your product.

4. Share a picture and/or video of your final product and post it on your social media. Don’t forget to tag @GreenLearning using the hashtag #Dontwaste.

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