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Spark Student Skills & Engage in Eco-Learning

Embark on an exciting journey of discovery in the ultimate learning experience! GreenLearning’s FREE educational resources and lessons will guide you and your students through their chosen challenge’s learning. Then, you can put that learning into action!

Students will invent solutions for a sustainable future as part of a quest to help the planet. In the process, they will build competencies such as critical-thinking, collaboration, communication, and decision-making.

Here's how it works!

We would love for you to participate in one or more of the challenges below with your learners! You and your learners can select based on what matters most to you, your school and/or your community!

Capture the story of your students’ learning and project(s) and once you have completed your challenge you can submit your students’ work and supporting media to be judged by our panel of industry experts for a chance to win a cash prize! Prizes are awarded to the top 3 entries for each challenge, and all participants are celebrated and given honourable mentions!

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Young people represent the future! We have a responsibility to elevate and celebrate their climate action. Winners or not, your students’ projects and their achievements will be displayed in our Challenge Showcase! You may be able to participate in an in-person or virtual award ceremony and everyone will be able to see the small but mighty strides you and your students have taken to ensure a greener world for future generations.

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Learn more about each of GreenLearning's FIVE Challenges below.

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The Challenge submissions will be open from January - May 2024.


Green Economy • Grades 3 - 12

Eco 360 Challenge: Rethink Your Plastic Waste!

Grades 3-12 learners will develop a feasible plan that incorporates a circular economic model eliminating plastic waste from our environment.

Energy Education • Grades 4 - 12

Re-Energy Challenge: Become a Renewable Energy Engineer!

Turn youth into energy engineers by challenging them to design, build and test a working model of any renewable energy technology!

Climate Change • Grades 4 - 12

Flood:ED Challenge: Take Action to Protect Against Extreme Weather!

Understand the science behind flooding and create a flood resilience plan to protect your school.

Climate Change • Grades 9 - 12

Decoding Carbon Challenge: Empower Students to Create Climate Policy!

Empower youth voices by exploring and proposing a new climate policy for Canada.

Energy Education • Grades 3 - 12

Energy Revealed Challenge: Track Energy Use with a Lights-out Event!

Learners participate in a school Earth Hour event to raise awareness about energy efficiency at their schools.