GreenLearning Monthly Calendars


These activities are designed for learning at home and at school.  Share your journey in photos or videos with us by tagging @GreenLearning and using by using the hashtag #GreenLearning

Also, check out our September Spark Activity to challenge your students to explore a solution to a unique problem using an inquiry-based model!


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Goal Setting: Back to School

Write down in a notebook 5 things you want to accomplish this school year, it could be to improve your story writing skills,  read an entire book series, or start an eco-club at your school! Review your goals each month and cross them off once you’ve achieved them.


Back to School Prep

Get ready for back to school by getting back into a learning routine with GreenLearning! Whether you’re learning from home or going to school, try doing our Circular Economy activity



Home Energy Detective

Be an energy detective! Search for ways your family wastes energy and create a plan to reduce your energy consumption at home. What behaviours or positive habits can you start?


National Wildlife Day!

Appreciate the wildlife in your own backyard or schoolyard! How many different kinds of birds did you see? How many squirrels? Check out some other cool wildlife-themed crafts and activities on Pinterest!



Soak Up the Last Bit of Summer and Use the Sun’s Rays to Cook up a Tasty Treat!

Register for the Re-Energy Challenge for your chance to win prizes and certificates!


Labour Day

Did you know?

Labour Day in Canada is celebrated on the first Monday in September. This day celebrates the achievements of workers and the establishment of the 8-hour workday. Check out these ‘Green’ jobs from National Geographic!


International Literacy Day

Can you imagine navigating modern-day life without the basic ability to read and write? International Literacy Day was created to remind people around the world the importance of reading and writing! Try reading “What a Waste”, a book about trash, recycling, and protecting the planet.


International Sudoku Day!

Learn about the history of Sudoku by watching this video. While traditionally Sudoku has been highly popular in print mediums such as newspapers, there are various online (psst environmentally friendlier) options available now, including many mobile apps!


Pack an Eco-Friendly Lunch!

Get into some healthy and environmentally friendly lunch packing habits this school year. Here are some ideas: link.


Go Outside!

Enjoy nature today by going on a walk around your neighbourhood or to a local trail. Being outdoors is great for your mental health! Reduce stress and anxiety by spending time outdoors.



First Week of School!

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Minimalism Monday

Did you know?

The average person owns 300,000 items. Declutter your desk or room today and keep track of the things you really need. Be sure to reuse items as many times as you can to reduce your impact on the planet.


Watch a Documentary Today

Check out some of the super cool earth documentaries available on Youtube and Netflix! A good one is “This Changes Everything” on Youtube (ages 14+)


Ozone Day

Help protect the ozone layer by walking instead of driving, buying local, and producing less waste!


National Read a Book Day!

Cozy up with a favourite book and enjoy this time to read! Read about Sila, a young Inuk girl who learns about the importance of the land and her responsibilities to protect it for future generations in Sila and the Land


Car Free Day!

Can you walk to school or take public transit today to reduce your carbon footprint?



National Forest Week!

Admire trees in your neighbourhood this week and do some GreenLearning activities to help create a more sustainable world!


Meatless Monday

Did you know?

Eating less meat can reduce your carbon footprint! By eating less beef you could save 3432 trees in one year, this is because raising cows takes much more land than growing vegetables. Why don't you try incorporating a Meatless Monday in your lifestyle? Let us know how it goes by tagging us on social media!


First Day of Fall

Check out the leaves on the trees as some might start to be changing colour!  Take some pictures and post them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtag #GreenLearning


Get Active!

Spend 30 minutes today doing some physical activity. Ride your bike, play some soccer, or go for a nature walk and enjoy the great outdoors!


Tree Spotting

See how many different kinds of trees you can find in your neighbourhood or schoolyard! Can you identify them? Are they native species? What helps you determine that the trees are different from one another?


Species at Risk Day

Canada has 521 species that are considered at risk. Can you find some Canadian tree species at risk? 



Water Week!

Complete GreenLearning activities this week to become aware of water conservation and flood protection!


Make a Splash

Did you know?

The Nile River of North-East Africa is the longest river in the world at 6,650km in length!


Home Flood Protector

In this exciting scavenger hunt learn how you can protect your home from flooding! Can you find any storm drains blocked with garbage or yard waste?


Bring a Reusable Water Bottle

Try packing a reusable water bottle today to reduce your plastic waste and stay hydrated!


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