GreenLearning Monthly Calendars

November 2020 - ZERO WASTE MONTH

These activities are designed for learning at home and at school.

Are your students social-savvy? Encourage them to share their journey with us! They can share photos or videos of their activities by tagging our social media accounts: @GreenLearning and by using the hashtag: #GreenLearningand we will respond!

Also, check out our November Spark Activity to challenge your students to explore a solution to a unique problem using an inquiry-based model!

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Daylight Savings Ends

Don’t forget to Fall back! Turn your clocks back one hour today.

Education Week! Learn 7 new things this week- GreenLearning programs are a fun and challenging way to accomplish this- check it out 


What is Financial Literacy?

November is also Financial Literacy Month! Financial literacy means that you have a set of knowledge and skills that help you make good decisions about money! Check out GreenLearning’s
‘Lending a Hand’ program to learn about sustainability and finance!


Reduce Waste & Get Creative

Reduce waste by remaking, reusing, and recycling in this GreenLearning circular economy activity!


Make a Splash!

Examine the impacts of climate change on freshwater that we use for recreation. Check out the GreenLearning program with your class or Eco-Club and conduct an investigation.


Become a Home Energy Detective

Be more environmentally friendly at home while using energy wisely. Making small retrofits and small behaviour changes can make a big difference over time towards energy savings.


Become a Re-Energy Engineer

In this fun, engaging STEAM challenge, build a wind turbine, solar oven, hydroelectric generator, ­­biogas generator, electric vehicle or energy storage!



Zero Waste Week!  

Take the ‘Zero-Waste Challenge’ and keep all of your garbage (non-recyclable and non-compostables) in a mason jar for the ENTIRE week! See how you compare with your friends jars and make it a competition.


Decoding Carbon

Do you want to inspire meaningful and lasting change? In GreenLearning’s Decoding Carbon program you can write your very own climate change policy to reduce emissions in Canada and make a difference! Register your class or school Eco-Club for the chance to win $1000!


Learn about Wetlands

Did you know Canada has 1.5 million square kms of wetlands? Wetlands are incredibly interesting and important ecosystems that we need in order to store carbon, filter water, and house important and rare species of plants and animals. Visit a wetland near you today and identify the different birds and plants there.


Remembrance Day

Have an eco-friendly Remembrance Day this year and make your own poppy using recycled or recyclable materials, find out how here!


Save Water Today

Conserving water is a great way to help the environment! Water conservation helps prevent water pollution in nearby lakes, rivers, and local watersheds. Here are 100 ways you can save water today!


Try Some Fun Zero Waste DIY’s

The ‘Zero Waste Movement’ is all about reducing the amount of waste you produce in every aspect of your life. One great place to start is the bathroom! Try making your own household products in containers that you can re-use over and over and ditch the plastic!










Geography Awareness Week!

Go to to learn more!


Learn about National Wildlife Areas

There are 55 National Wildlife Areas in Canada. These areas are created and managed for the purpose of wildlife conservation, research, and interpretation. Check out this website from Environment Canada to learn more about National Wildlife Areas in your province!


National Hiking Day

Go for a walk around your neighbourhood or check out a nearby park or trail to celebrate national hiking day! Enjoy the great outdoors.


GIS Day!

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) are used to visualize spatial information- otherwise known as maps! Try out this cool map-maker tool from National Geographic to test your skills.


Go Geocaching

Geocaching is a cool activity where you use a Global Positioning System (GPS) to find ‘geocaches’ marked at specific coordinates. To try geocaching today check out the app!


Learn About Careers in Geography

Geography is about much more than memorizing capital cities and the names of rivers. Research  the many different career options in the field of geography!



Canadian Wildlife Week!

Go to for a fun game where you can learn about Canadian animals!


Invasive Species in Canada: What YOU Can Do

Invasive species in Canada are plants or animals that do not originally come from here and take over habitat that belongs to native species. To learn more about how to identify invasive plants, check out this website on what they look like and how to safely remove them to help protect native species!


Try Birding!

Birding or ‘Bird Watching’ is a fun and exciting hobby that people all around the world and of all ages take part in! Check out this beginner’s guide on how to start.


Celebrate Canadian Animals

Check out these games and quizzes all about Canadian animals! Which one is your favourite? The Canadian Goose, a Polar Bear, the mighty Beaver - there’s so many to choose from!


What’s Your Ecological Handprint?

We’ve all heard of our carbon footprint, but have you ever figured out your ecological handprint? Check out this worksheet that will help you figure out how environmentally friendly your daily habits are!


Buy Nothing Day

This day is meant to bring awareness to the negative environmental, social and political consequences of overconsumption. On this day try to not purchase anything or buy used!