November 2020 Spark Activity!

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November Spark Question

At this time of the year we participate in many different acts of remembrance. How can we make our acts of remembrance more energy efficient, while still positively impacting the larger community around us? Find out more by scrolling down!

GreenLearning’s Spiral Inquiry Model

Our Spiral Inquiry Model is a unique framework to get students engaged in a hand-on manner exploring a problem!

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Communicate & Take Action

Communicate results with your peers and take action to improve!


  • How will I know I was successful?
  • What was difficult about this task?
  • What can I improve on in this process?
  • What can I take away from my research that can be used to make in my life or others?


  • Can we participate in our acts of remembrance outside rather than in a large communal gym?
  • What if we made our acts of remembrance digital? What kind of actions can we do that would support veterans in a meaningful way?
  • Should these actions be personal/quiet or communal and large scale?


  • Technology
  • Local veterans’ offices
  • Military groups in the community for adults and youth
  • Historical records

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