February 2021 Spark Activity!

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February Spark Question

Nothing says love like a warm hug in this cold month of February. A hot water bottle is a creative way of sending warmth (and love!) to friends and family. Can you think of energy-efficient and eco-friendly alternatives for a hot water bottle? Spread love by spreading warmth! Find out more by scrolling down!

GreenLearning’s Spiral Inquiry Model

Our Spiral Inquiry Model is a unique framework to get students engaged in a hand-on manner exploring a problem!

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Communicate & Take Action

Communicate results with your peers and take action to improve!


  • How will I know I was successful?
  • What was difficult about this task?
  • What can I improve on in this process?
  • What can I take away from my research that can be used to make in my life or others?


  • How much energy does it take to boil the water for the bottle?
  • How much energy does a heating pad or electric blanket use?
  • Can you create a cosy hot water bottle cover?
  • What is the cost or benefit of a hot water bottle vs. another warming method?
  • What other energy saving methods can be used to stay warm?


  • Technology
  • Pinterest and DIY crafts
  • Dollar stores for hot water bottles
  • Measuring temperature
  • Heat transfer

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