Make a Splash!
A Student Inquiry into Climate Change and Freshwater Recreation

This Module will immerse classes across Canada in Inquiries into “Climate Change Where I Live”:

How is Climate Change Affecting Freshwater Recreation?

Climate change is not a future possibility - it is a present reality.  What impact is this having on Canadian lakes, rivers, creeks, ponds and streams?  How will recreation change?  What are the economic consequences?  In this Module you will use the GreenLearning spiral inquiry method to research a personal and or a local focus for these broader challenges.

 This Inquiry will encourage and enable you to use social media to share ideas, and generate action.  There will be opportunities throughout this Inquiry to share in your social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) using #makeasplashGL or email us at [email protected].  Spread the word!

The “Make a Splash!” module was created by GreenLearning Canada with support from ConocoPhillips Canada.

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