Microfinance and Sustainability

Microfinance Organizations

Selecting a Borrower

Loans and Payments

Calculating Compound Interest



In this module, students will learn the ins and outs of micro-lending – a form of micro-finance and one of the most effective and sustainable ways to lend money. Students will also have the opportunity to join the Lending a Hand Challenge to a make a difference to a small business person somewhere around the world.  Within this module, students will be given the opportunity to participate in critical thinking, interactive and collaborative activity that will allow them the opportunity to become financially literate.

The Lending a Hand Challenge

Students will raise money that they will lend to someone who will use it to start or expand a small business and make a difference in their lives. This will be shared hereto show the collective impact your class and other youths across Canada are creating through the Lending a Hand Challenge. Students will have the opportunity to display their journey through the Lending a Hand module, in video or comic book form for youth across Canada to see.