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Tired of playing dress-up with the dog and dancing around the living room? Running out of creative hiding places for hide and seek?

You can become the superhero your family needs: The Home Flood Protector! And with the #HomeFloodProtector scavenger hunt, you will get to flex your super powers, and your muscles, while protecting your home from flooding.

Ready, Set, Video-Go!

It’s time to develop your new super powers and learn how to protect your home from flooding. First, learn about the different ways that water can get into your home here.
Next, grab a snack and watch these videos with your parents or guardians to learn what you’re hunting for and why.

Download these worksheets to get started:

Scavenger Hunt Worksheet with Instructions
Feuille d’activité pour la chasse au trésor
Activity Sheet
Educator Resource

Take action with your new super powers and keep your home safe by:

1. Challenging your family to improve one item on your scavenger hunt to better protect your home (of course, only if it is safe to do so).

2. Use the pictures you took to make a presentation for your family about steps they can take to protect your home. Hint – Use the Intact Centre’s 3 Steps to Cost-Effective Home Flood Protection to guide your discussion as to what might be feasible.

3. Strengthen your super powers by doing the Home Flood Protection Check-Up. If you need help with some of the terms visit GreenLearning's Photo Gallery.

Share your Super Powers and Challenge your Neighbours to Flex Theirs! Share on social and tag @GreenLearning on your pictures and/or videos using the hashtag: #HomeFloodProtector

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