Learning Outcomes

- Students will learn about how climate change has increased the frequency of floods and its impacts

Length of Activity: 1 – 1.5 hours
Grade Level: 5 – 12

Materials List
Internet Enabled Device
Assessment Rubric
Flood:ED Backgrounder

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Flooding and Climate Change


Step 1

Begin by watching the following documentary on how climate change has increased flooding events: (60 minutes)

For more background resources on learning about climate change, its impacts and the policy solutions to address it, check out GreenLearning’s program, Decoding Carbon: A Climate Policy Quest, linked below:

In particular, the following activities in the Decoding Carbon program are recommended:

Step 2

After watching the documentary, discuss in groups (20 minutes):

  • Has climate change increased flooding in Canada?
  • Which cities in Canada are most prone to flooding?
  • Should flooding be addressed in climate change planning?

Additional resources on how climate change effects flooding: