Learning Outcomes
- Students will learn about the importance of creating awareness around the risks of flooding and how to best prepare for them.

Length of Activity: 1 – 1.5 hour
Grade Level: 5 – 12

Materials List
Internet Enabled Device
Assessment Rubric
Flood:ED Backgrounder

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Flood Risk Management Awareness


Step 1

Assign the following two articles to your class for reading to learn about previous flood events in Canada and flood risk management awareness for Canadians. (20 minutes)

Step 2

After reading the articles, split the class into groups and discuss the following questions. Share discussion outcomes with the entire class (10 minutes)

  • Why should Canadians be concerned about floods?
  • Brainstorm the different effects of flooding on communities (i.e. financial costs, tourism, homes, animal habitats, species, plants, insurance premiums, etc.)

Step 3

Flood awareness is an important part of flood risk management. In groups, create a flood awareness poster. The poster should include the following (30 – 45 minutes)

  • At least three facts about flooding
  • At least three graphics or photographs (remember to give proper credit to the source!)
  • At least five different ways to prepare for a flood